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Orb Labs, intent-driven interoperability
Hi 👋🏾 we're Orb Labs!
We’re building an intent-driven interoperability solution that provides developers with the tools to deliver a unified experience where their users no longer need to actively manage accounts/wallets across different chains, solving the account fragmentation that has grown and will continue to grow with the rise of L2s, dedicated app chains, and the modular ecosystem.
Our vision is to empower developers to build on any chain that best suits their app while allowing them to access users on any chain. This is what drives us to intent-driven interoperability via Orby and the Orb Stack.
Orby is an intent engine. It's a Stripe-like integration that can be embedded into any app frontend, enabling users from any chain to access the app. It can also be embedded in a wallet experience to enable users to interact with dapps on any chain. Orby can formulate multi-chain interactions and convert them into an intent that can be executed on any chain via the Orb Stack.
The Orb Stack is a modular stack of protocols that work together to enable users to issue cross-domain intents. It consists of five layers: Extensible Light Clients, Transport Layer, Cross-domain intent protocol and Universal accounts system. The Orb Stack was built from the ground up to support the specific needs of Orby; each layer of the stack strives to maintain the highest standards regarding security, cost, configurability, and speed to effectively and sufficiently address the needs of the growing multichain world.
You can read more about our vision, roadmap, and products in our recent blog here.
Come say hi in our discord; that is also the best place to contact us if you have any questions or if you need early access to docs!