Orb Labs


The cross-domain intent engine
Orby is a cross-domain intent engine that powers a unified on-chain experience without account fragmentation across chains. It's a stripe-like integration that can be embedded into any application to enable users from any chain to access a dApp. It can also be embedded in a wallet to enable users of that wallet to interact with any app that exists on any chain without fragmenting user accounts. Orby works by taking in a multi-chain interaction and converting it into an intent that can be executed on any chain via the Orb Stack.
As we finalize the development of Orb, we’re slowly onboarding developers and teams to start integrating Orby into their products and dApps. Feel free to reach out if you or your team is also interested in being onboarded.
Come say hi in our discord; that is also the best place to contact us if you have any questions or if you need early access to docs!