Orb Labs

Earlybird Uniqueness

Libraries and modules that push the limits on security and usability
One of the big conversations in the cross-chain messaging space centers around the interoperability trilemma/quadrilemma. The conversation raises several valid points on the limits of interoperability in its current form. Consequently, the trilemma/quadrilemma has been used to justify why existing messaging protocols are horrible in certain areas of usability and security, i.e., trust minimization, cost, speed, extensibility, etc. However, the trilemma/quadrilemma does not necessarily say an interoperability protocol must be bad in one of these areas. It only states that an interoperability protocol cannot be perfect in all of them.
With Earlybird, we push all areas of security and usability to their limits. Earlybird is built with libraries and modules that strive to attain the highest levels of trust minimization, gas efficiency, speed, and extensibility without significantly compromising other areas critical to usability and security. Furthermore, its design allows developers to easily configure these libraries and modules to enable new interoperability solutions that may be better suited for their applications.
As a result, Earlybird enables developers to build many applications they could not build before. With Earlybird's gas efficiency, one can build a DEX that is cheaper to use than Uniswap on Ethereum. With its trust minimization, one can even build secure canonical bridges that eliminate the need for liquidity pools. And with its extensibility, one can build and interact with any chain that supports smart contracts.