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Rukh in-depth

Well-balanced interoperability for gas efficiency and trust minimization
The Rukh library is an extremely well-balanced interoperability library that provides developers with a high level of gas efficiency and trust minimization. It is slightly less gas-efficient than the Thunderbird library but it makes up for this reduction in gas efficiency with a significant improvement in trust minimization; the library supports (1) permissionless disputers without compromising liveness, and (2) a trust-minimized way of resolving disputes.
The Rukh library can be configured to achieve both, partly because it is a hybrid interoperability library. It merges the best elements of the optimistic approach, consensus light-client approach, and app-sanctioned validator approach to create an interoperability protocol that is collectively more secure and usable than each approach alone.
Skip this section of the docs until you're familiar and comfortable passing messages on the protocol
Here are some of the settings you can take advantage of to further optimize for gas efficiency and to get more control over your application.