Orb Labs

Earlybird Conceptual Overview

The Earlybird Protocol -- A 3-tiered modular framework for cross-chain messaging
The Earlybird Protocol consists of three independently owned and managed tiers, which make up a cross-chain messaging platform.
  • Tier 1 -- Endpoint and its Libraries, which serve as an API for registering applications and sending messages
  • Tier 2 -- The Oracle and Relayer, which carry the message from source chain to destination chain. Every application must select an Oracle and Relayer--these may be built in-house or provided by a third party. Orb Labs, makers of Earlybird, is one such provider--the oracle and relayers provided can be found here.
  • Tier 3 -- The Application, deployed and owned by you, the developer who wants to send messages, and the Dynamic Configuration of how Tier 1 and Tier 2 send messages (known as the RecsContract, or Recommendations Contract)